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It won’t be wrong to state that we are constantly surrounded by the internet. In a sense, we are so dependent on the internet that we have become oblivious to our “physical” surroundings! And yes, it is an extremely controversial statement but it has become a lifestyle of many of us. The Internet has become a crucial part of our lives, sure it has its pros and cons. But what doesn’t? one of the greatest pros of the internet is that it has become a knight in shining armour for marketers. How? This question arises and it is very much valid.

Now, marketing is not only limited to direct sales, direct mails, tradeshows, print advertising, or offline strategies. Online marketing has emerged as a very effective and efficient way of marketing. Online marketing includes SMM (social media marketing), Email marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on. but one of the major and very basic forms of online marketing is content marketing! Marketing is next to impossible without great content.

According to an expert, “useful content should be the core of your marketing”. Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on devising, issuing, and distributing content for a group of audience. It is often used by firms and enterprises to attract attention and generate leads. Also, to expand their customer base and increase their online sales. Ultimately, to drive profitable customer action!

Three key reasons why an enterprise tends to use content marketing are:


At the end of the day any kind of marketing; content, online, offline, etc; has only one goal “increasing sales and profits”. Content marketing is a bit easier and inexpensive than any other kind of marketing. Through vast networking, correct strategies, and marketing knowledge; content marketing is capable of gaining a lot of customers and hence, increasing sales!


Content marketing is cost-effective. It costs almost nothing. But time, dedication, and the right source. Content marketing is
economical, safe, and available to anyone. Small business yields a lot of customer through content marketing. Albeit content marketing might not offer returns as soon as a company starts it, it might take a few months but sooner than later the firm WILL see the results and the profits. And the best part of is-content marketing offers compounding returns!


One of the benefits offered by content marketing is customer loyalty. Over time, a customer tends to get emotionally attached to the brand, positively! He/she might develop close propinquity with the given brand and hence, making him/her close kin of the product/service. Content marketing accelerates this. It helps the customer to learn and get to know more things about the given brand, hence making the brand a bit more reliable for the customer!

Apart from these 3 key reasons, there a many more reasons why a firm tends to choose content marketing such as:

  • Universal ability.
  • Improved brand reputation
  • More on-site content
  • Helps to build credibility and authority
  • Content can be shared

and many more benefits!

Conclusively, a customer will go through the content before actually contacting sales. And he/she might change their decision before actually buying the product depending on the online content. Thus, good content marketing is far more necessary than it is given credit for.

A good article or blog can change an individual’s point of view. And with the right resources, a business can and will flourish. At the end of the day, a business is nothing but a sapling that, when watered and nourished well WILL GIVE fruits. Here, the business ‘plant’ needs to be fertilized with content marketing to give better and sweet results!

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